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Our wrongful termination lawyers seek justice for New Hampshire and Massachusetts employment law victims. For over 20 years, the dedicated legal professionals at Stephen Law Group have given those that file for employment law claims the due process they deserve.

In general, employment laws and regulations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts consistently shift, which presents a unique challenge for the states’ most experienced wrongful termination lawyers. Stephen Law Group has the ability to handle a variety of related claims including persons being terminated for vacation time, terminated on base of race, termination over wage and overtime disputes, and much more.

Stephen Law Group is the wrongful termination attorney that follows through for your benefit. We’ve legally represented a strong number of NH and MA employees that were wrongfully terminated. If you or a close relative/friend is currently dealing with this difficult event, give us a call at (603) 663-1007 for a free initial consultation. Our NH and MA wrongful termination lawyers will do everything in their power to restore the employment law justice you desire.

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