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Brain injuries may cause grave and irreparable harm. In most cases, however, brain injuries are preventable and are caused by accidents. People who carelessly cause brain injuries should be held responsible for the harm that they cause. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury because of someone else’s negligence, the attorneys at Stephen Law Group can advise you on the claims that you may be able to pursue and the damages that you may be owed. Our New Hampshire brain injury lawyers possess the skills and experience needed to craft strategic arguments in your favor and provide you with a strong chance of a favorable result.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Typically, brain injuries are caused by a sudden impact, but they can also be caused by a puncture of the skull or a lack of oxygen. Accidents that can lead to brain injuries include motor vehicle collisions, construction accidents, and falls. Common examples of brain injuries include concussions, hemorrhages, coup and contrecoup injuries, strokes, and hematomas. Notably, a person might suffer a brain injury even if he or she does not lose consciousness, and even a minor impact can cause a brain injury. While sometimes evidence of a brain injury is immediate, symptoms of a brain injury may not appear for several hours or even days after an accident. Brain injuries can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from confusion, nausea, memory loss, and cognitive difficulties to coma and death.

Proving Liability for a Brain Injury

If a plaintiff seeks to recover damages from a defendant via a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff and a brain injury attorney in New Hampshire must prove that the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s harm. In cases involving brain injuries, the plaintiff typically must show that the defendant was negligent, since most brain injuries are caused by accidents. A plaintiff alleging negligence must prove that the defendant had a duty of care and that the defendant failed to act as required or acted in a manner that was a breach of the duty. The plaintiff must also show that the defendant’s breach caused the plaintiff to suffer measurable harm. For example, if a defendant drove drunk and caused a car accident, and the plaintiff suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident, the defendant’s acts likely constituted a breach of the standard of care, and the defendant may be deemed liable for the plaintiff’s damages.

Damages Awarded in Brain Injury Lawsuits

People who suffer brain injuries often have significant medical bills. Therefore, they may be awarded the cost of any medical treatment that they needed due to their injuries, including any hospitalization, therapy, and adaptive devices. They are often unable to work due to their injuries and may be awarded compensation for lost wages and loss of earning capacity. Additionally, a New Hampshire brain injury attorney often can recover damages for the non-economic harm caused by the injuries, such as the mental anguish, suffering, and pain that the plaintiff endured. If a plaintiff was married at the time that he or she suffered a brain injury, his or her spouse might also be able to recover damages for the loss of the plaintiff’s services and companionship.

Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

A brain injury can dramatically change a person’s life, and people who cause accidents that lead to brain injuries should be held accountable for the losses caused by their carelessness. If you or someone you love suffered a brain injury, it is prudent to speak with an attorney to discuss which steps you can take to protect your rights. At Stephen Law Group, we are skilled at helping people suffering from brain injuries seek redress for their harm, and we will aggressively pursue any damages that you may be able to recover. Our brain injury lawyers represent victims in New Hampshire and in many areas of Massachusetts, and we have offices located in both states. You can contact us to set up a meeting via our online form or at 877-663-1007.

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