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Workers’ Compensation

New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

As your New Hampshire workers’ compensation lawyers, Stephen Law Group aims to uphold all aspects of the workers’ compensation law. If you’re an employment law victim and reside in either NH or MA, come to us for an initial (and free) consultation. We’ll sit down and discuss the framework of your workers’ comp claim and protect your statutory rights and get you the results you deserve.

The Workers’ Compensation Law was created to provide basic benefits to employees who sustain an accidental injury and/or disease as a result of their employment. In NH and Massachusetts, in order for a person to be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, the injury or disease had to “arise out of” the employment and must have taken place within the “course and scope of your employment.

The phrase “course and scope” of employment relates to the time, place and circumstances of the injury. For example, to qualify for benefits your injury needs to happen during work hours, at work (there are numerous exceptions to this general rule). The phrase “arising out of” employment relates to the origin and cause of the injury. Something about your work needs to cause the injury. Once you have sustained an injury that arose out of the course and scope of your employment, you are entitled to certain benefits.

Once you have sustained an injury that arose out of the course and scope of your employment, you are entitled to certain benefits. Cal our Manchester, Concord and North Andover lawyers today so that we can advise you on your rights to recovery.

The Basic Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A. Weekly Indemnity Benefits:

If you are totally disabled from working, you are entitled to a weekly check from the Workers’ Compensation carrier in the amount of 60% of your gross average weekly wage. We determine your average weekly wage by reviewing your earnings for the last 26 weeks prior to your injury incident. Please note that there are many variations as to the amount of money you are eligible to receive on a weekly basis.

B. Payment of Medical Bills:

Medical bills incurred as a result of your injury are paid by Workers’ Compensation as long as such medical services are reasonable and necessary and are related to the workplace injury. This is often hotly contested so call us and we can help.

Reimbursement for costs of prescriptions or over the counter medicines or medical devices, and reimbursement for mileage to and from the medical practitioners’ offices may be included in the benefit.

C. Vocational Rehabilitation:

If, as a result of your injury or illness, you are unable to return to your usual occupation, you are entitled to receive assistance in finding a new job or occupation by way of a private vocational rehabilitation specialist, paid for by the Workers’ Compensation carrier.

D. Permanent Impairment Award:

If you have sustained a permanent impairment that your doctor can determine by using the American Medical Association’s Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments, you are entitled to a certain sum of money based on the extent of your injury. This award is based on a percentage of your loss of use of an extremity or organ (eg: eyesight, hearing losses), in combination with your weekly Workers’ Compensation benefit. This is a award we are often successful in obtaining for our clients many of whom are unaware that they are entitled to this award.

E. Miscellaneous:

There are many other laws In NH and Massachusetts concerning statutes of limitations, return to work, reasonable accommodation, partial disability benefits, and many others.

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I was in an accident and I contacted Stephen Law Group. I was thrilled with the result, not only did I receive more than I thought I would, but I walked away knowing I have a full team of attorneys ready to support me in any challenge I face going forward. They made me feel like family.

Sandra G.

Stephen Law Group makes you feel like your case is the most important case they have. I was in a horrible accident. Stephen Law Group was there for me through a very difficult time and helped me obtain a very successful result. I was thrilled with their representation.

Melissa G.

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