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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Your chances of winning your social security claim are drastically improved by having an experienced lawyer in your corner. The Manchester Social Security Disability lawyers at Stephen Law Group have extensive experience in bringing and winning disability law claims. If you are about to apply for federal Social Security benefits or if you are considering the next step after being denied benefits, consider these facts before you file:

The Social Security Administration provides benefits for a person who is “disabled” under the federal definition of that term under the Social Security laws. It is a system which provides a basic monthly stipend for an individual if that individual meets certain strict criteria enumerated under a “Listing of Impairments” under federal law. There are a number of medical conditions, diseases, and/or injuries which may meet or exceed this standard. Below you will get an overview of benefits available. Call our disability lawyers today before you file or after you have received a denial.

A. Disability:

For disabled persons, there are two (2) basic benefits you may be entitled to under the Social Security Act if you establish that you qualify. Please review the following to help you in determining if you fall into either of those categories. If you have questions, a Social Security Disability attorney at our Manchester office can advise you.

1. Social Security Disability Benefits:

These are benefits for someone who has a history of working (usually 10 years or more) and paying into the Social Security system, and who are therefore have enough credits to be “covered”, and who suffers a disabling injury and/or disease preventing them from continuing to work. Usually under the social security laws this monthly benefit approximates 66% of your average earnings over the last five (5) years prior to your disability.

2. Supplemental Security Income (Commonly Known as S.S.I.):

These are benefits for someone who does not have a history of paying into the Social Security system, whether it is due to age or a lack of employment history, and therefore do not have enough credits to be “covered” for purposes of receiving Social Security Disability benefits, and are also disabled. These S.S.I. payments are a minimal stipend of about $500.00 per month. The applicant must have minimal assets and/or minimal family income in order to get this benefit. Our Manchester Social Security Disability attorneys can help you evaluate whether you may be eligible.

B. Medicare Coverage:

This is the health insurance coverage if you are eligible for Social Security Disability or S.S.I. If you are eligible for these benefits, the Medicare premiums of about $50.00 per month are deducted from your monthly benefits and makes you eligible for coverage at reduced rates with medical providers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a “Disability” for Social Security Purposes?

A: A person is disabled when he or she has an injury, disease, or medical condition which prevents the individual from engaging in any “substantial gainful activity.” This means the disability must be so severe as to prevent the individual from performing not only the work he or she performed in the past, but also any other type of work within the national economy. For instance, if a severe back injury prevents the individual from returning to a job where heavy lifting is involved, he or she may be able to do a lighter more manageable job, and therefore he or she would not be entitled to Social Security benefits.

Q: If I’m receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits, am I Entitled to Social Security Benefits?

A: Yes, although the Social Security system has a different standard from state Workers’ Compensation laws, you could receive Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits. If you are receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits the amount that you may be entitled to receive from Social Security will be reduced due to your receipt of Workers’ Compensation benefits. However both benefits can be coordinated so that you receive the most money available for your disability.

Q: I’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident or Other Accident Where I am Suing Another Party. I Have Been out of Work and am Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits. If I Settle my Lawsuit or get a Judgment, do I Need to Reimburse the Social Security Administration?

A: No, any reimbursement or set-off (such as receiving Workers’ Compensation payments) is strictly by Social Security law or regulation. There is no Social Security law which states that an injured person must give up Social Security Disability benefits or be required to pay back Social Security for benefits received if the individual obtains a settlement or judgment from another party.

If you have any questions for a Social Security Disability lawyer in Manchester or the surrounding areas, please contact Attorney Robert Stephen 1-877-663-1007. He will be glad to personally discuss the matter with you and answer any questions you might have. The initial consultation is free, whether we take your case or not; after that, our fees are contingent upon recovering money for you on your case. At Stephen Law, we get Results!

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