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Getting behind the wheel is a privilege that drivers sometimes take for granted. When people abuse that privilege with reckless or careless maneuvers on the road that create risks for others, they should be held accountable for any harm that they cause. At Stephen Law Group, we work tirelessly to ensure that the legal rights of victims in cities such as Manchester, Concord, Salem, Nashua, and Dover are protected and asserted to the fullest extent of the law. When you are dealing with the aftermath of a crash, it is important to enlist an injury lawyer without delay so that you can seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial impact that you have sustained. Our New Hampshire car accident attorneys have over 25 years of experience and have secured a number of substantial verdicts and settlements, including millions of dollars in results. We have successfully pursued auto claims ranging from routine car accidents, drunk driving accidents to claims against commercial truck companies such as Fed Ex. We handle many claims for New Hampshire residents injured in Massachusetts as well as Massachusetts residents injured in a Massachusetts car accident at either our North Andover, Massachusetts office or our Manchester, NH office. At Stephen Law Group, we fight for you!

Holding a Negligent Driver Liable for a Car Accident

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injuries and death throughout the nation. These collisions may be due to excessive speeding, driver distraction, fatigue, intoxication, or traffic violations, among other situations.

When a car accident resulting in injuries and property damage occurs, New Hampshire drivers have three options regarding pursuing compensation for their harm. Under the state’s ‘fault’ system, an injured driver may:

  • Pursue a claim with the other driver’s insurance company for damages
  • Pursue a claim with his or her own insurer to collect damages covered by a policy; or
  • If necessary, pursue legal action against the other driver in court.

Plaintiffs who seek compensation through the court system must often prove negligence in order to prevail. Negligence is established when a plaintiff shows that there has been a breach of a duty of care. Drivers owe other people on the road a duty to act as a reasonable and prudent driver would act in similar circumstances. For example, a driver who is texting or otherwise distracted while driving and strikes another vehicle may be found to have acted unreasonably. Plaintiffs must also show that the breach was a proximate cause of the injuries sustained, resulting in quantifiable damages. In New Hampshire, car accident victims have three years from the date of their injury in which to take legal action.

Additionally, New Hampshire adheres to a ‘modified comparative fault’ system of liability when determining damages awards. Under this scheme, an injured individual may still recover compensation if he or she was partially at fault, as long as the degree of fault falls under 50 percent. For instance, an injured plaintiff who was 10 percent responsible for his or her own injuries may still recover 90 percent of the damages sustained from another negligent party. However, if a plaintiff is found to have been more than 50 percent responsible for a collision, he or she may not recover compensation at all.

New Hampshire does not require its car owners to purchase car insurance, but instead owners must show their financial responsibility to cover costs in the event of a car crash. Many residents still choose to make this showing by purchasing insurance policies, but dealings may be more complex if a driver involved in an accident does not choose to do so. Consulting a knowledgeable car accident attorney who can assist you in the aftermath of a collision is advisable to ensure that your legal rights are preserved.

Seek Guidance From a Car Accident Attorney in New Hampshire

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, you may need help paying for medical bills, wages from lost work, and other costs and losses associated with your injuries. New Hampshire car accident lawyer Robert Stephen and our team at Stephen Law Group can advocate for you throughout the legal process. We assist victims across the state, including in Concord, Manchester, Salem, Nashua, and Dover. If you need a car or truck accident attorney, contact us online or call us at 603-663-1007 to set up a free appointment.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

We are also Massachusetts personal injury attorneys uniquely situated to help New Hampshire residents injured in Massachusetts or those who live in Massachusetts who are injured due to the fault of another. We have successfully handled many Massachusetts car accidents, commercial truck accident cases in Massachusetts. We can meet at our office in North Andover, Massachusetts or in Manchester NH to help you with your injury in Massachusetts. Call today for your free consultation.

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