Products Liability

The product liability lawyers at Stephen Law Group can help assist you when a product causes personal serious injury or even damages to your property. Product liability lawyers will gather proof significant enough through expert witnesses to illustrate that the product was certainly defective and present the facts in court.

There are several types of categories of defective products which can result in product liability claims. Below is a list of common defective products that have potential for serious injury occurrences:

  • Manufactured Products sold in super stores
  • Foods from grocery stores
  • Cosmetics such as eyeliner, lipstick etc. and other pharmacy products
  • Baby strollers and baby toys and other infant items
  • Automobiles and Automobile Products (including Auto Recalls, Tires, Car Seats, Safety Belts Seats, Brakes etc.)
  • Children's Toys, children swings, bikes, sporting goods
  • Medicines (Pharmaceuticals, Over-The-Counter, Prescriptions)

If you or a loved one is the victim of a defective product causing injury, call the lawyers at Stephen Law Group where we fight for you!

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I was in an accident and I contacted Stephen Law Group. I was thrilled with the result, not only did I receive more than I thought I would, but I walked away knowing I have a full team of attorneys ready to support me in any challenge I face going forward. They made me feel like family. Sandra G., Candia, NH
Stephen Law Group makes you feel like your case is the most important case they have. I was in a horrible accident. Stephen Law Group was there for me through a very difficult time and helped me obtain a very successful result. I was thrilled with their representation. Melissa G., Manchester, NH
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