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Since 1993, our New Hampshire wrongful death attorneys have produced a proven trial record in delivering compensatory results for NH and MA residents. There is no replacing the loss of a loved family member or a dear friend, but we can play the role of a devoted supporter that will help you in any way possible. Stephen Law Group’s NH wrongful death lawyers are here to gain your compensatory justice no matter how common or uncommon the case may be.

Wrongful death claims across New Hampshire and Massachusetts can be complex civil matters and must be supported by prevalent evidence. Quickly turning to professional legal insight is something we strongly suggest if you want to discover what your options are.

Calculations for damages from wrongful death claims are complicated due to what the assessor takes into account. This could include the victim’s pain and suffering (likewise for existing friends and family), future income losses, medical payments, legal fees, and funeral services.

If you feel a family member or close friend has been the subject of wrongful death, Stephen Law Group is here for support. For over 20 years, our NH wrongful death attorneys have dealt with tragic cases through a variety of claims. Give us a call today at 603-663-1007 for a (free) initial consultation.

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