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All passenger vehicles have blind spots that drivers must check before changing lanes, but semi-trucks are substantially larger than other vehicles and have more blind spots. Thus, when a truck driver negligently fails to check his or her blind spots prior to changing lanes, it often leads to a collision. Accidents caused by truck driver negligence may result in catastrophic damages, and people involved in a blind spot accident typically suffer extensive physical harm and financial losses. The dedicated Manchester truck accident lawyers at Stephen Law Group will assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and gather evidence to support the argument that the truck driver or company caused your injuries.

Blind Spots on Trucks

A blind spot is an area around a vehicle that the driver of the vehicle cannot see, even if the driver uses his or her side or rearview mirrors. In other words, the driver must take certain actions to make sure that no one is traveling in a blind spot of his or her vehicle prior to changing lanes. Semi-trucks, for example, have blind spots on each side and on the front and back of the truck. Specifically, there are blind spots located right in front of the cab of the truck, right behind the trailer of the truck, along the body of the trailer on the driver’s side, including under and behind the driver’s window, and along the body of the right side of the trailer. Due to the size of the blind spots on a semi-truck, the driver may be unable to ensure that his or her blind spots are clear, even if the driver tries to check the areas obscured by the blind spots before changing lanes.

Elements of a Lawsuit Arising out of a Blind Spot Accident

In many instances in which a person is injured in a truck crash caused by the truck driver’s failure to check his or her blind spots, the person will seek damages from the driver. If the driver was employed by a trucking company at the time of the accident, the injured person will often assert claims against the driver’s employer as well. In most cases, the injured person will seek damages by using a theory of negligence. A plaintiff alleging negligence must establish each element of negligence to recover compensation: a duty owed by the defendant, actions that constituted a breach of the duty, and actual harm proximately caused by the breach.

Often, in lawsuits arising out of semi-truck blind spot accidents, the truck driver will argue that the person injured in the accident caused the accident, so the truck driver should not be held accountable for the harm suffered as a result of the crash. In New Hampshire, however, an injured person who was partially at fault for his or her own harm can still recover damages, as long as the injured person’s fault did not exceed the fault of the defendant. Any damages awarded to an injured person who is deemed to be partially at fault will be reduced proportionately to his or her fault.

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When a truck driver fails to abide by rules regarding safe driving and changes lanes without checking the truck’s blind spots, it can have disastrous results. If you suffered harm due to a blind spot accident involving a semi-truck, it is in your best interest to discuss your possible claims with an attorney. At Stephen Law Group, our knowledgeable attorneys will work tirelessly to hold those responsible for your harm accountable so that you can recover and move forward. We assist people injured in blind spot accidents involving trucks in Manchester and elsewhere in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We can be reached through our online form or at 877-663-1007 to schedule a free appointment. We do not charge any fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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