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Tractor-trailers are much harder to maneuver than standard passenger vehicles. Therefore, people who drive tractor-trailers must undergo specialized training and obtain additional licensure to ensure that they possess the skills needed to safely operate tractor-trailers on public roads. For example, while turning a standard passenger vehicle is generally relatively easy, turning a tractor-trailer can be difficult, and it generally requires the driver to make a wide turn. In many instances, an improperly performed wide turn leads to a tractor-trailer crash that causes substantial injuries and permanent impairments. If you were hurt in a crash caused by a tractor-trailer driver improperly performing a wide turn, the Manchester truck accident lawyers at Stephen Law Group will help you seek compensation from the parties that caused your harm.

Causes of Wide Turn Accidents

Generally, when a tractor-trailer needs to make a turn, it is on a street in a business or residential district. Since the streets in those areas provide limited room for a tractor-trailer to turn directly into the appropriate lane of travel, the driver will typically make a wide turn by shifting the tractor-trailer in the opposite direction from his or her intended destination, which requires the tractor-trailer to take up more than one lane of travel. While all truck drivers should possess adequate training to make wide turns properly, many do not, and a driver may try to make a wide turn without enough room, which often causes the trailer to tip over due to a shift in cargo. In other instances, a collision may be caused by a driver’s failure to ensure that nobody is in any of the truck’s blind spots before attempting a turn.

Liability for Negligent Wide Turns

In many instances in which a person is injured in a tractor-trailer crash, the person will seek compensation by asserting negligence claims against the driver of the tractor-trailer in a civil lawsuit. In New Hampshire, for a plaintiff to prove a defendant’s liability due to negligence, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant owed him or her a duty to act with reasonable care and that the defendant acted in a way that constituted a breach of the duty. The plaintiff and their attorney must also establish that the breach caused the accident. In other words, the plaintiff must show that the accident would not have happened without the breach and that the breach was a primary factor in bringing about the accident. Lastly, the plaintiff must show that he or she suffered actual harm in the accident.

While the question of liability is sometimes straightforward, liability may be disputed in other cases. The defendant tractor-trailer driver may not only argue that he or she did not act negligently but also argue that the plaintiff was partly at fault for the accident. In New Hampshire, however, as long as a plaintiff’s fault was not greater than the fault of the defendant, the plaintiff may still recover compensation. Compensation recoverable includes damages for medical costs, lost wages, and the suffering and pain caused by the injuries sustained in the crash.

Consult an Experienced Manchester Attorney

When a tractor-trailer driver lacks the ability to complete a wide turn safely but attempts a turn nevertheless, the outcome can be tragic. If you sustained injuries in a tractor-trailer crash, it is advisable to consult an attorney to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident. At Stephen Law Group, our experienced lawyers will zealously pursue any damages that are available for your harm to help you recover from the losses caused by the crash. We regularly assist people in cases arising out of tractor-trailer crashes in Manchester and in other cities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have offices in Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire, and in Methuen and North Andover, Massachusetts. We can be reached through the form online or at 877-663-1007 to set up a free consultation.

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