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Stephen Law Group’s NH and MA truck accident lawyers bring over 25 years of legal process experience to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Trucks are everywhere on American roads, making deliveries on a 24/7 basis, which only heightens the chances of a major and debilitating accident. If you fall victim to such an event and seek a successful verdict, Stephen Lawn Group is your proven answer.

Whether your truck accident involves an 18-wheeler or a semi, we aggressively pursue all related cases. Trucks, being the large vehicles they are, do not follow the same standards and regulations that smaller passenger vehicles do. This forces our NH and MA truck accident attorneys to remain sharp on all applicable safety regulations and industry standards when tackling such cases.

The best defense is a great offense. Signing up for a truck accident attorney allows you time to gather evidence before it erodes, while also forcing the opposition to remain honest and open. Stephen Law Group’s experienced truck accident lawyers are available for a free initial consultation at (603) 663-1007.

Truck Accidents Attorneys and FedEx Accidents Lawyer

Call today if you were in an accident with FedEx or any trucking Company. Our experience against Fed Ex and commercial truck companies will help you get the money you deserve!

Trucking and delivery companies such as FedEx a busy making deliveries everyday. FedEx for example has become one of the largest and busiest small package carriers in the United States. Fed Ex drivers are in our neighborhoods accross America each and every day delivering packages. Delivery is only growing with online purchases increasing significantly.

Delivery drivers such as FedEx drivers are regularly in a hurry to make the delivery and get on to the next stop to deliver all their packages throughout the day. The drivers have gone through safety training but the time constraints put pressure on them and mistakes are sometimes made. This can cause dangerous conditions for the public.

We all see FedEx truck drivers hurrying to their vehicle and this demonstrates the pressures these drivers face. A commercial driver in a hurry puts the public at risk. In addition, they work long hours to meet their delivery quotas and the fatigue can create inherent risk. It is our hope that delivery drivers will be well rested, not overworked and safe at all times. The reality is that this is not often the case, and companies such as Federal Express are very busy especially at the holidays and truck accidents do happen.

If you are loved one have been injured in a FedEx accident and would like to speak with a truck accident lawyer contact Stephen Law Group today.

Federal Express Accident

We have successfully handled several claims against Fed Ex for tractor trailer and delivery negligence resulting in significant injury and disability to our clients. If you have been injured by a Fed Ex truck call us today for a free consultation. Tractor trailer accidents often cause significant injury on our highways. We have taken on this large company when we felt there was clear negligence by their driver and we have successfully obtained large settlements for our clients. If you have been injured by the negligence of a Fed Ex truck driver or delivery driver, call us today so that we can get you the justice you deserve!

Stephen Law Group has handled accident cases against truck companies including FedEx ranging from significant tractor trailer accidents on the highway to delivery drivers dropping freight on our clients at the mall. If you are the victim of negligence against FedEx or any other trucking company, call Stephen Law Group today where we Fight for You!

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I was in an accident and I contacted Stephen Law Group. I was thrilled with the result, not only did I receive more than I thought I would, but I walked away knowing I have a full team of attorneys ready to support me in any challenge I face going forward. They made me feel like family. Sandra G., Candia, NH
Stephen Law Group makes you feel like your case is the most important case they have. I was in a horrible accident. Stephen Law Group was there for me through a very difficult time and helped me obtain a very successful result. I was thrilled with their representation. Melissa G., Manchester, NH
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